Happy St. Patrick’s Day

welcomeCelebrating all that is Irish: St. Patrick’s, or more fondly known as St. Paddy’s day is finally here!

Every 17th March we are encouraged to wear absolutely anything green. With oversized novelty hats and waving around the ol’ green, white and gold, it’s no wonder a barrage of balloons and a jostling parade are to be found as part of this special day’s festivities.

Enthusiastic about any festival (especially if it involves food) the studio team just had to join in!

Tweet @studiovenues what you got up to this St. Patrick’s Day…

It’s always fun to gather and celebrate together so here are a few little things you may not have known about today (that even we found out recently!)

Life and death

Unlike most celebrations, today doesn’t mark the day of St. Patrick’s birth but rather his death! With roots heavily in Catholicism, it is believed that this is the day he ascended to heaven.


This Saint is Well known for introducing Catholic views into Ireland so it’s no wonder that originally this day was a religious holiday and surprisingly such, it wasn’t always celebrated with a little tipple until 1970 when it became a national holiday. Bottoms up!

Who’s Irish?

St. Patrick wasn’t born in Ireland! Did you have to read that twice? You’re not alone… He was actually believed to have been born in either Scotland or Wales and his first unfortunate experience of Ireland was being sold as a slave there… But don’t worry, his story has a happy ending. Continue reading

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Fighting Fit

IMG_9915Mahatma Gandhi once said “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.”

Though we may not like to admit it we all know the benefits of keeping active and eating correctly. Whilst many live the active life we’re so aware of many of us hide our guilty faces in a smoke screen of business or deliberately bury our heads behind computer screens, far too often we fall into a black hole of excuses and reasons to not go for that run, walk or swim. Fortunately a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to mean cutting all your much loved confectioneries; it’s more about being mindful. That being said, we have listed the top 5 things which could be the beginnings of a healthier mind and body.

1.Make a stand…

It may sound and even look a bit odd however the benefits of standing whilst working far outweigh the cons, so put on a brave face and anchor those heels to the floor. With the majority of the populous working in modern factories (offices) and commuting to and from work, we know this isn’t the best combination for hitting that all important daily step count.

2.Fight off temptation…

Don’t be fooled by the snake charmer, it’s true that at times your own thoughts can be your own worst enemy, especially when hunger pains take over! Surrounding yourself with healthy snacks will not only assist in keeping those hunger pangs at bay but will support your blood sugar levels. You’ll be as ripe and ready to go as your trusty fruit pot. (Don’t feel guilty about the odd chocolate though, after all, a momentary indulgence is a thing of beauty!) Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Happiness

IMG_6991Hats off to bustling Birmingham, the home of studio HQ, for being one of the happiest cities in the U.K to live and work in! Inspired by our beautiful city, we crafted this little thought provoking piece on happiness, as you can tell, we do like to get our thinking caps on.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” Aristotle

Which couldn’t ring more true, we naturally shy away from things that will cause us unnecessary pain and will joyfully take part in indulgence. The human race is a hedonistic bunch, but with our gift of reason, we learn that gluttony comes at the expense of our health… Luckily the odd occasion won’t hurt! Whether it’s putting your feet up after a hard day in the office, finally reaching that 10km mark or just digging into that freshly baked apple pie; happiness is everywhere to be seen and found. The circumstances could be simple or complex, one thing’s for sure, we all love to feel happy.

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

Of course never forget to clap those hands. Our mood has a significant part to play in our overall mental attitude and perceptions, not to mention productivity! Be kind to yourself and those around you. We spend a lot of our time at work, loving what you do plays an important role in your overall well-being! Have a little read of our last blog “What Makes You, You“. Continue reading

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What Makes You, You?

welcomeThis may seem like an odd question at first, however from a young age we are taught everyone is different and rightly so; no two sides of the coin are the same.

Without getting too philosophical, we are sure we can all agree that we are the sum of our parts. We are made up of an amalgamation of decisions, choices, likes and dislikes. There are so many contributing factors that have managed to craft us, that it’s almost impossible to list every experience that has taken effect, no matter how big or small!

One of a kind…

As a being we scream out originality from the moment we enter the world. The question is – do we retain this individuality when it comes to the workplace? Or do we just become a “Mr. Smith clone” ready for another 9-5?

One way to combat this dreaded pitfall is to simply do what you love or join an organisation that recognises and wants you for who you are. A happy workforce is generally a productive one, so watch out for those tell-tale signs within your team which suggest they may feel like “jumping the ship” and learn to recognise your own feelings of discontent.

It’s all the same…

When this individuality comes to businesses it is easy to be lumped into the same category. That’s why we at studio venues strive to be distinctive. What highlights us from the crowd and makes sure that we aren’t a “regurgitated and samey” meeting and event space is our big personality, and this we pull from our spaces and most importantly our team.  They have something we like to call “The Studio Weovil”, instantly recognisable in the studio characters in our venues! Continue reading

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Tweet All About It…

Atrium_004Love putting a name to the face? Then why not up your networking A-game and shimmy on down to thestudio’s vibrant meeting and event space in central Birmingham. Why you ask? Apart from being renowned for its light, bright and innovative spaces and being a great location to meet, train and entertain, thestudio are proudly hosting #midlandshour’s tweetup on 04th May.

Tweety bird

If you thought tweeting was something that only birds do, you’d be mistaken! Welcome to the 21st century where our preferred means of communication is through social media. It’s time to connect, share and post with those around you. Affiliate with people from across the world to those in your neighbourhood, indulge in this opportunity to create some truly valuable connections. At this FREE event you’re offered the chance to mingle with like-minded professionals, a perfect opportunity to revive your business links, all in the comfort of your very own city centre.

thestudio? Never heard of it…

Your one stop shop for all your meetings and event needs, thestudio resides at the heart of the city boasting unique, bright and colourful event spaces suitable for both formal and informal gatherings! Our venues are built on their excellent reputation and our simple mission statement of “Customer First”… Plus the food, we always have to mention the food! Continue reading

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What is Brand?

IMG_4211Before your trusted mobile device springs out and you start googling, what does brand mean to you? For us we imagine it to be what people say about you when you’re not in the room… Best put, it’s all about the way you want to be and are perceived!

Let’s play a game…

As original as they come, you are effectively your own “brand”. So to get started create a list of 5 buzzwords/adjectives of how you think you are perceived. Then get your peers/friends/family to do the same about you and see how they match up. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no 2 people think the same so be in for a treat! This can be real eye opener when it comes to your own business. Funnily enough, this was how thestudio came to develop our core values on an all-important away weekend. Click here to see what else we get up to on our team challenge weekends!

I heart Heinz…

So why do we swoon over beloved brands? Compelled by smart marketing, being creatures of habit and coerced by our own product experiences, it’s no wonder that certain brands develop a special place in our hearts. Maybe it was a past childhood memory of the first time you were rewarded with Cadbury’s chocolate or you vividly remember your mother’s Prada bag and always thought you’d have one just like that when you’re older. So maybe this love developed from a young age or good experiences. One thing’s for sure, everyone has a favourite. Continue reading

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For the Love of Food

12032930_10152974914776557_1462693937720309217_nIn good fashion thestudio lives up to its ‘foodie’ reputation and is holding their new menu tasting today in Birmingham!

Say farewell to a boring lunch by moseying on down to thestudio to tantalise those taste buds. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other local businesses, broaden horizons but hopefully not waistlines, all at no expense! Our menu tastings are no one hit wonders, so don’t be disheartened if you couldn’t make it, they run quarterly throughout the year! Give us a call or send us a cheeky tweet, whatever your preferred method of contact, you’ll always be welcome @thestudio!

Check out our previous tasting!


Happy New Year…

As Christmas and all its festivities are now nicely tucked away like Santa on Boxing Day, our attention is drawn to the dawn of 2016. Following in the footsteps of the season just past, the New Year is a genuine gift giver, offering up fresh opportunities, possibilities and ambitions. This year shines bright for the busting second city, having been given a new lease of life with the arrival of Grand Central (our shiny new age shopping centre which sits on New Street train station has more to offer than just a ride home) and a tram line which even attracted the one and only Queen Elizabeth II, it seems like even the weather can’t dampen this city’s spirit.

With all these new developments and plans for growth, good ol’ Brum is not only a reputable place to shop but to (more importantly) dine. Being the multicultural hub of the West Midlands, Birmingham is overflowing with cuisines and with this new found buzz around the city, it’s no wonder there’s a whole host of new restaurants springing up and blossoming… Here’s some you should definitely keep an eye out for and indulge in if you get the chance. So far we’ve been to Stable Pizza!


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