T is for Team…

In the good spirit of team building, thestudio team away day was organised this year, unlike the previous years, in March instead of January. No more bitterly cold days, fresh air and spring all around…or so we thought.

The weather, however, didn’t bring spirits down and at 8 o’clock on a Saturday morning we were all (Birmingham and Manchester) having a lovely warm breakfast in the Quarnford Lodge , Buxton in the beautiful Peak District wondering what secret activities were planned for us. The morning fog made it even spookier as we were driven away to an unknown location which we soon discovered it was a bike rental just feet away from the Monsal trail!! Before you knew it we were all up and ready to go on our biking activity which, despite the fog and the drizzling rain was a great way to start the day. We thoroughly enjoyed the warm cups of tea and coffee at the end.

The afternoon was quiet but nevertheless interesting with some fun indoor activities (I never knew there were so many chocolate lovers at thestudio) followed by a more serious discussion that included plans and ideas for the future of the company. It’s always a good thing to have a big picture of where the company is moving and how you can contribute to its growth and success. After all as clichéd as it may sound the success of the business is the individual success of everyone working there. The dinner and the karaoke that followed was a great way to end the day.

team away

The feedback everyone gave was fantastic even despite the weather everyone seems to have genuinely enjoyed the day’s activities and we have to agree that cake baking is always fun when you get to taste the results. Thanks to the team in Bimringham and Manchester for giving up their weekends to enjoy it with thestudio family.

What do you think about team away days and team buildings? Leave a comment here or tell us @studiovenues.


About studiovenues

We have meeting space in Birmingham and have recently launched our conference venue in Manchester. Our venues are built on their excellent reputation and our simple mission statement of CUSTOMER FIRST!
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