Happy National Jelly Bean Day…

You’ve guessed it; thestudio are celebrating yet another day of indulgence so please join us as we wish you: Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

Definitely a day to be partied by the sweet toothed, why not try a couple of these beans on your afternoon break, they’re sure to work their magic on your taste buds.

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How Delightful…

When you think of Turkish Delight, do you imagine bustling Bazaars, fez hats and jelly beans? Yes! Jelly Beans! It might have been last on your list but these little sweets are thought of as Turkish Delight descendants! Tasting the resemblance now?


Now that Easter has past, we’re sure a lot of you won’t be able to look at chocolate with the same desirable gaze for a while, well, give it a few days! Did you know Jelly Beans are often associated with Easter because of their oval shape? Rather odd considering they look more like a bean than an egg.

Jelly Good Show…

Giving up smoking? Have a Jelly Bean to curve your cravings! Some say all habits are learned, in an attempt to “hang tough, don’t puff”, President Reagan ate these little bites to aid in his battle against nicotine. Speaking of battles, during the Civil War, Jelly Beans were endorsed to be sent over for the soldiers! Never underestimate the power of the almighty Jelly Bean!




About studiovenues

We have meeting space in Birmingham and have recently launched our conference venue in Manchester. Our venues are built on their excellent reputation and our simple mission statement of CUSTOMER FIRST!
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