Summer Menu Tasting

The time to dust off those BBQ’s has finally arrived; 21st June marked the official beginning of the long awaited British Summer! With the change of seasons it’s now time to get ready for the gastronomical delights @ thestudio’s quarterly menu tasting!

Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it this Monday, there’s 2 more seasons left to taste this year! Just let us know and we’ll add you to our special tasters list.

Being genuine foodies, we really value our ingredients and the dishes we create to incorporate a menu that truly embraces all the fresh, lovely produce summer offers.  Not to mention how much we enjoy reading your views on our culinary creations, this is one place your feedback is always welcomed!

With that in mind, lets hear a couple of the team’s thoughts:

Emma: ” My fave was… the humble, chilled, summer fruit crumble and custard.”

Laura: ” I really liked the beef, lavely!”

Nigel: “I’m voting crispy beef too. Although some of the puds were stunning, Elderflower Jelly, Ginger Panna-Cotta, Orange Syllabub.”

Katie: “I liked the chocolate sundae because there was a surprise bit of cake in the bottom :)”

Jyoti: “I really liked the pancake cannelloni filled with a roasted squash, sage and roast Mediterranean veg sauce Provençale… It truly was as delicious as it sounds!”

Miguel: “My favourite was the cod, I love fish!”





About studiovenues

We have meeting space in Birmingham and have recently launched our conference venue in Manchester. Our venues are built on their excellent reputation and our simple mission statement of CUSTOMER FIRST!
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