Happy St. Patrick’s Day

welcomeCelebrating all that is Irish: St. Patrick’s, or more fondly known as St. Paddy’s day is finally here!

Every 17th March we are encouraged to wear absolutely anything green. With oversized novelty hats and waving around the ol’ green, white and gold, it’s no wonder a barrage of balloons and a jostling parade are to be found as part of this special day’s festivities.

Enthusiastic about any festival (especially if it involves food) the studio team just had to join in!

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It’s always fun to gather and celebrate together so here are a few little things you may not have known about today (that even we found out recently!)

Life and death

Unlike most celebrations, today doesn’t mark the day of St. Patrick’s birth but rather his death! With roots heavily in Catholicism, it is believed that this is the day he ascended to heaven.


This Saint is Well known for introducing Catholic views into Ireland so it’s no wonder that originally this day was a religious holiday and surprisingly such, it wasn’t always celebrated with a little tipple until 1970 when it became a national holiday. Bottoms up!

Who’s Irish?

St. Patrick wasn’t born in Ireland! Did you have to read that twice? You’re not alone… He was actually believed to have been born in either Scotland or Wales and his first unfortunate experience of Ireland was being sold as a slave there… But don’t worry, his story has a happy ending.

Trees of Green

Ireland is renowned for its luscious green hills and so rightly deserves its title as Emerald Isle for all it’s beautiful landscapes. With this in mind, we wouldn’t bat an eyelid when green is the Irish colour of choice. Chicago even pours green dye into its river in commemoration of the day! Funnily enough, blue was the original colour bestowed to St. Paddy, looks like he changed colour just like thestudio did almost 10 years ago!

International Influence

Thought Saint Patrick’s was strictly a British/Irish affair? This may come as a surprise but it is celebrated in quite a few places around the world. It’s hugely recognized in America (given away by the early mention of Chicago), Canada, Argentina and even all the way down under with Australia & New Zealand!

Until next time studio goers 🙂



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